Control. Any Gene. Any Species.

Circularis' technology can increase protein expression up to ten times, sometimes more, by enhancing promoters for any gene from any species.

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Circularis’ technology is applicable to any gene, in any cell, in any species. Including promoter discovery and enhancement for crops or for any plant-based system.

Circularis can discover and enhance promoters in a variety of bacterial and yeast strains that increase production of proteins for any application.

Circularis Biotechnologies

Circularis' technology provides enhanced gene promomters to drive the expression of your targets for high-throughput screening with live cell assays.

​Circularis has developed a very powerful and novel method to regulate gene expression and enable increased biotherapeutic production yields up to 10X or more.  We can do this for any gene, in any species, with no prior knowledge of the regulatory elements OR CODING SEQUENCE.

  • Single Promoter Optimization
  • Multiple Promoter Discovery
  • Cell Line Optimization
  • Technology Access
  • Novel Promoter Libraries

Circularis is NOT a contract service organization, we don't want to run the same assays that you can. We bring new discoveries to our partners that improve their operations in discovery and manufacturing.